How to Get & Keep More Customers

Dare to imagine how life would be, if you could crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers … on autopilot!

It’s easy when you know how.  Find out how today.


The easiest way to get your business in front of more people is to promote it, in the right places. Advertising in the right places can get you there fast and effectively.

Your Offers

If you want to be attractive to new and returning customers, then a great way is to promote an offer. There is an art to making sure your offers are still profitable. Find out how.


Follow-up to any promotion is also key. Most people don't buy at the first ask. If you don't follow-up many times, you will miss opportunities. But who's got the time? That's where automation comes in.

For business owners who want a consistent flow of new customers and to keep more profits.

Business tech and the wonders of the internet can bring huge rewards to businesses but can also be a complex minefield of dis-jointed systems … each one sold by someone who wholeheartedly believed in their solution but didn’t know how to make it all operate smoothly and in your best interests.

Sales and marketing aids should make your life easier and bring in new business.  If they don’t or if you don’t know whether they do, then you need to make changes.  

Our products & services

Marketing Essentials

Do the easy stuff first. Harness the power of Google. Install tracking so you know what’s working. Make sure your website converts. 

Lead Gen Training

Internet tools that make ‘lead generation’ easy and how to use them. All you have to do is convert them to customers.


Automation is the key to a stress free business life. Structure and processes so you know exactly what’s going on.

Contact Widgets

No more lost leads. No unmanned chat widgets or faceless bots. Install a text widget for easy contact. 

How to Sell

Not every business owner is a born salesman.  Find out how to overcome the ‘sales’ hurdles and close more deals. 

One to One

Take your business to where you want it to be with one-to-one coaching of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System. 

Success with Offers

Running smart offers can build a list of potential recurring customers.  Are your offers smart?

Fix Your Leaky Bucket

Discover if and how hot leads are slipping out of your hands and straight in to those of your competition.

Success with Networking

Primarily tailored to coaches who struggle with attracting business and referrals from networking meetings.